Noetic Learning Math Contest Fall 2019

Grade 6 Team Achievement Awards
State School Team Name Team Score Team Leader
INTL Colegio Ingles CI Mustangs 590 Narro
INTL Colegio Ingles Team 1 590 Narro
IN Sycamore School Sycamore School Grade 6 560 Tormoehlen
SD Meade School Grade 6 555 Sandness
MD Holton - Arms School Team 2 510 Hannam
GA South Forsyth Middle School SFMS 6th 510 Graiser
NY The Anderson School PS 334 Anderson 601 500 Smiley
CA Bullis Charter School BCS 6th Grade 495 Christie
MD Chesapeake Math and IT middle school CMIT TIGERD 495 Kocaslan
CA Sage Canyon Elementary School Sage Canyon Coyotes Sixth Grade 495 Fieberg
IL Science &Arts Academy Math Team A 495 Katauskas
MD Holton - Arms School Team 1 495 Hannam
FL Orlando Science Elementary OSS Mathletes 485 Gajus
IN Honey Creek Middle School Honey Creek 6 480 Fischer
NJ Demarest Middle School DMS 6th 475 Lew
CA South Pasedena Middle School Tiger Cubs 475 Buhler
CA Mirman School US 2A 475 Luna
WA Lincoln Middle School Blue Spartans 465 Munson
NJ Warren Middle School Warren Middle School 465 Cooper


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