Noetic Learning Math Contest Fall 2019

Grade 2 Team Achievement Awards
State School Team Name Team Score Team Leader
SD Meade School Grade 2 520 Sandness
CA Mirman School Mustangs White 3 510 Luna
CA Design39Campus D39C 510 Courter
IN Sycamore School Mrs. Fuldwider's 2nd Grade Class 505 Tormoehlen
AZ Fireside Elementary Jones' Team of Excellence 500 Jones
NJ Hamilton Primary School Hamilton Noetic 475 Bangaru
NY The Anderson School PS 334 Anderson 202 470 Smiley
MO Chinn Elementary School Chase grade 2 460 Chase
CA Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School Second Grade 460 Levy
WI Oregon School PVE Team 2 455 Miller
NY Basis Independent Manhattan BIM 2 455 Marushina
TX Covenant Christian Academy Second Grade 455 Conklin
MO Ralph M. Captain Elementary School Team 2 450 Harger
NY The Anderson School PS 334 Anderson 201 440 Smiley
CA Morning Creek Elementary School MCES2 440 Boucher
NC Triangle Math Science Academy Schultz 440 Karamisir
GA Kelly Mill Elementary Team 1 440 Sumner
NV The Meadows School Meadows Mustangs 440 Marek


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